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Marginal Resource Abatement Curves

Devising a long term investment strategy that takes your unique circumstances into account is a key aspect in deciding what mix of processes and technologies will be most appropriate in your journey towards sustainability. Marginal Resource Abatement Curves are a tool that can allow strategic decision makers to see the relative benefits of a range of options to aid in their deliberations. While these have initially been applied at regional and national level, they are equally of value to larger organisations and are increasingly viewed as a key strategic decision making tool.
The quality of these curves is dependent on the depth of understanding of the organisations circumstances and the accuracy of the assumptions regarding applicability of the identified technologies and the potential savings resulting from their implementation.
Multi-Criteria Decision Making
Business cases for optimisation and improvement projects are focused on financial indicators as they pass through the various decision gates of an organisation. This however can ignore other factors which are part of its strategic goals.
Multi-Criteria Decision making (MCDM) can act as a bridge the financial requirements and those environmental and social impacts that an organisation may wish to prioritise
Opportunities Ranking