Dr Alejandra Efrón

Dr. Alejandra Efrón has more than 25 years of supply chain management experience in a variety of industries including steel, cement, automotive, art logistics, and humanitarian disaster response, in Latin America and the Asia Pacific regions. She advises the public and private sectors in the development of policies for the safe and sustainable implementation of High Productivity Vehicles and the logistical management of natural disasters. She has been the Vice President of the International Road Transport Technology Forum representing Latin America since 2012.

Alejandra has contributed to a variety of international academic and trade publications on topics such as High-Performance Vehicles, influences of human behaviour on supply chain management and the circular economy.

She is an Associate Professor at the Argentinian School of Business teaching graduate classes in Operations, Global Logistics and Business Strategy. She is a member of the Academic Committee of the Superior School of War at the University of National Defense.