This manual describes the how the Circular Economy will impact the operation of the supply chains which provide our goods and services. Understanding how, when and where your organisation use energy water and waste is an essential first step in participating in the Circular Economy. Written with Small and Medium Enterprises in mind, the primary aim of this book to demonstrate how resource efficiency can integrate with strategy development, operations management, finance, risk assessment and treatment, behaviour and engineering. Practical implementations are illustrated with examples from Latin America as well as worked examples.

This Spanish translation of Dr John Gattorna's 2006 book Living Supply Chains. Living Supply Chains: How to Mobilize the Enterprise Around Delivering What Your Customers Want, challenges modern managers to consider again the role of supply chains in their businesses and offers genuine answers to the questions they face.

Despite the accumulated body of knowledge and practical experience of the last 50 years, we are still largely ignorant about the underlying mechanisms at work in corporate logistics networks, and by extension, supply chains. This continuing situation is leading to diminished or unfulfilled performance at best, and large-scale failures of transformational programs at worst, all evident in the pages of the world's business and financial Press on a daily basis.This book is designed to fill the void in our knowledge by providing a robust framework that links customers/markets, operational strategy, cultural capability, and the leadership style of the enterprise.