AIMS is an online environment supporting Energy and Resource Management Opportunity identification, implementation & verification. Designed for complex client/supplier networks, AIMS focuses on small data, such as assets and projects. Highly customisable and flexible, the system's native capabilities can be extended, blending external data to produce client and project specific apps.  

Climate Physical Risk Assessments are part of reporting frameworks including the EU's  CSRD &  and the state of California’s Senate Bill 253. This tool is designed to act as an affordable data driven preliminary screening tool for organizations who wish to understand the potential physical hazards climate change may present. 

Winner of Hong Kong ICT awards 2018, Enalytics is a data-driven solution  that collects real-time data from smart sensors, IoT devices, and other big data systems. Built on SkySpark, Enalytics provides Monitoring Based Commissioning (MBCx) for commercial buildings, data centers and industrial equipment.