Cross Cultural

Whether in the form of customers, suppliers or employees , it is people who really manage supply chains,. All the other elements such as technology, infrastructure, assets, etc. empower or inhibit those people from managing supply chains successfully. We offer different frameworks, to structure your approach to the people that make up your client and supplier networks. These people-focused frameworks enhance supply chain resilience to new and unforeseen challenges.

Dynamic Alignment

Developed by Supply Chain thought leader Dr John Gattorna, Dynamic Alignment is a form of Supply Chain Segmentation that has been applied successfully around the world. We translated his 2006 book Living Supply Chains into Spanish, and supported John in realizing Dynamic Alignment in Elgecia Supply Chain in Greece, just after the GFC 2008.

We have applied the Dynamic Alignment framework to the segmentation of supply chain members based on their willingness to adopt energy efficiency projects and policies.

Cross Cultural

Our cross cultural framework addresses how institutional reputation, appetite for risk, language and other factors influence complex supply chains, particular those where a "fail-safe" performance is a requirement. In a cross-cultural environment, interacting effectively with people from different backgrounds and behaviours is even more challenging, broadening the gap between the written contract and the psychological one.